Pet Rabbit Saves Couple from Fire

Every now and then, I’ll post some heartwarming shit I read in the headlines. This one on Yahoo News caught my attention:

“Pet Rabbit Credited with Saving Couple from Fire”

Oh, please do tell me more…

This miracle of all miracles happened in Melbourne, Australia, and it seems that ‘ole Bugsy Boy started scratching at his owners’ bedroom door about a half-hour after the daddy came home from work. The daddy woke and discovered a fire in a back room and smoke spreading quickly in the house.

Wow – I had a rabbit and all he did was shit throughout the house and occasionally humped the cat…

Anyway, the AP reported that the daddy was able to escape the house with his wife unharmed (whew! – I was hanging by the seat of my pants with the suspense).

What the AP didn’t report is that the lucky couple dined on wine and hassenpfeffer that evening.

Ba-doomp-boomp! I’m available all week, ladies and gents…


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