My Story

My name is Michelle and I live in sunny Naples, Florida with my husband and 4 furry children: 2 cats (Emma & Oliver) and 2 dogs (Kacie & Faith). From a young age, I pretty much knew I didn’t want to produce any humans. Shhh! If you listen closely, you can hear a round of applause…..

I am originally from Chicago (go Sox!) and moved down to Naples back in 1997. Talk about culture shock! Things more very S-L-O-W-L-Y down here and it has taken years to acclimate myself since I’m an on-the-go Chicagoan at heart. On the flip side, just knowing that I will never ever have to scrape ice from my car’s windshield at 6 in the morning makes it all worth it.

Since March 2008, I’ve been working for a video production company here in Florida and writing a blog for them, but was recently put on “financial hiatus” because of the “non-recession” we’re having (if you believe President Bush’s bullshit). But I love to write and I’m fascinated by all things Hollywood and current events in general, so here I am.

My Daily Five will consist of 5 of my favorite “news” pieces from the Internet, TV and my own personal stories if it’s a really, really slow news day. Or, in the condensed version:

Hollywood bullshit, regular bullshit and all bullshit in between.

And even if you don’t learn anything new here, I hope I can at least put a smile on your face or make you piss yourself. Either reaction will suffice.

Peace out!

– Michelle


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